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Marijuana in Modern World - Cannabis use Worldwide

These days more and more people of all ages, professions and social backgrounds are turning to marijuana. The reasons are both simple and complex as the drug itself and include highly stressful, achievement oriented way of life, information overload as computers, media and cell phones flood us with too much data to digest. There is a lot of pression on efficiency, multitasking and quality at work while the number of tasks to complete grow daily, in effect leaving us in a continually stressful state of mind. The perpetual pression to do and know more and better is indeed time consuming, leaving little time and peace of mind to enjoy the natural company of family and real time friends.

Smoking CannabisCannabis is rapidly replacing pharmaceuticals as natural drug of choice of millions. People, both young and old, are worn down by the enormous challenges of living today's lifestyle. And while the pharmacy market has been flooded with synthetic drugs like antidepressants, anti anxiety and nerve pills, more and more people of today find that a simple self rolled marijuana joint does wonders, especially when it comes to pain and stress relief, stimulating creativity and encouraging an individual to enjoy more social contacts.

Cannabis is healthier than any synthetic drug, easier to buy and relatively affordable, and needs no doctor's prescription in Netherlands. A single weed cigarette will relax, balance and focus even the most stressed individual. Smoking or vaporizing cannabis is getting increasingly popular, nearly 90 million Americans have used and enjoyed pot in their lifetime, and numbers are growing rapidly. It is also a well known fact that marijuana has less overall side effects than most prescription drugs. This alone is encouraging people to put down the pill bottle and roll a marijuana joint. Cannabis, although unrecognized by governments and generally illegal, is the new miracle drug. As the Dutch say: One joint a day keeps the doctor away!

Its renewed popularity encompasses age, wealthy, middle-class, and low-income families. It thrives in suburban, urban, and rural populations. It includes high achievers, busy businessmen and average students. It involves every ethnicity and every kind of household. As one peaceful toker reminded me, "A lot of people think it’s just low life and troubled kids who use cannabis. But it’s not. Everybody’s doing it..."

Marijuana is the most widely used soft drug in America today, and this has been the case for some years. Latest medical research by Anju Preet, PhD, a Harvard University researcher in Boston show that marijuana active compound thc could help fight lung, brain, prostate, and skin cancers. Cannabis plant can be easily grown from seeds which are widely available online.

Additional information: Dear truth seekers or just friendly stoners who like to get high, let us present you facts about marijuana together with popular marijuana myths, spread the info.

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