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Stephen King - Cannabis Celebrities

Arguable one of the best authors of the modern era, Stephen King fought drug addiction early in his career.

King credits his family and friends substance abuse intervention meeting as his turning point in confronting his hard drug addiction. However, the American author of contemporary horror, fantasy and fiction continues to support the legalization of marijuana. "I think marijuana should be legal," King told American media. A powerful statement for someone who has sold 300 - 350 million copies of his books worldwide. Which have been reprinted into other media such as comic books, movies and television series.

King cites economics as great reason to legalize marijuana.

A resident of Maine, King said the financial boom, "would be wonderful for the state of Maine." He added, "I think it should be a cottage industry."

King encourages other celebrities to come forward to support the marijuana legalization movement.

The author is a recipient (2003) of the National Book Foundation's Medial for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters.

King rose to unprecedented literary fame with a string of horror books, It, Christine, Carrie, Misery and Green Mile.

An A-Z list of novels is available from his official website.

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