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The importance of harvesting, drying and curing marijuana properly

Indoor cannabis growers have great anticipation for harvest day.

When their weed plants are finishing their final week of marijuana flowering.

The anticipation of harvesting marijuana is worst than Christmas morning.

Often resulting in a premature cannabis harvest, poorly dried marijuana and badly cured marijuana buds.

Yet a little patience and restraint would result in a much more potent marijuana plant. Sometimes as little as seven days can be the difference from amazing weed and terrible toke.

Harvest day is the best time for an indoor marijuana grower, but requires proper planning to successfully pull off a bountiful harvest.

Marijuana buds will be coated with THC crystals. Also known as trichomes.

The indoor marijuana grow room smells wonderfully of ripe weed.

The marijuana grower has worked hard every day using the right marijuana fertilizers to get to harvest day. There's something amazing in watching a germinated marijuana seed grow into a massive marijuana plant.

Drying cannabis plants Often this causes growers to not wait to sample the finished product. Letting them down because they didn't harvest, dry and cure their cannabis properly.

An expert indoor marijuana grower will inspect their pot plants twice, sometimes three times a day to determine when their weed plants should be harvested, dried and cured.

That's because harvesting, drying and curing plays an important role in marijuana potency. Harvesting marijuana too early or too late will result in poor quality marijuana high.

Indica marijuana plants have a week long window of harvesting opportunity before they become less potent. Harvesting marijuana anytime during this week will produce potent marijuana.

Sativa marijuana plants have a much longer harvesting time depending on the desired effect. Sativa takes much longer to marijuana flower, often 30 or 40 days longer, than indica marijuana plants.

However, there's also a three week period when sativa can be harvested. Creating a unique marijuana high depending on when in the marijuana flowering cycle the plant was harvested.

Cannabis harvested, dried and cured properly will taste much better, have a wicked marijuana high and smoke way better than weed cut down too soon or too late.

The whole process of creating amazing chronic needs to be adhered too. Unfortunately anticipation near the end often results in less than stellar stone as indoor marijuana growers cut corners to bring their harvest in early.

Yet its not that difficult to harvest amazing marijuana.

Expert marijuana growers will use a 30x magnifying scope to examine their marijuana buds. Looking for swollen densely clustered trichomes. These trichomes contain the active ingredient that gets us high.

During the first weeks of marijuana flowering trichomes appear as white pistels. As these white pistels age they turn red and fill in. Creating marijuana buds. Examining trichomes for color and density, an expert marijuana grower will know through experience when the perfect time to harvest is.

Usually the harvest window for indica marijuana plants is the eighth week of marijuana flowering, while sativa cannabis strains can be ten weeks or more.

Refer to the marijuana seed bank marijuana flower time to properly determine the harvest window. The marijuana flowering time is either measured in days or weeks. This time is counted only during the flowering period (12/12 light cycle), not thevegetative (18/6 light cycle.)

Unfortunately a marijuana plant can't simply be harvested than immediately rolled into a joint. After harvesting is complete marijuana plants require some drying out time.

Trim off all large fan leaves. Or don't.

Some marijuana growers keep all their marijuana leaves on during the drying process. Requiring more drying time.

Regardless the marijuana plants need to be hung upside down in a cool dry dark dry place for at least 48 - 72 hours. A small fan should be used to create air circulation.

Cutting the plant into manageable pieces is allowable, while some growers cut the base of the marijuana plant and then hang the whole plant upside. Dark, dry and cool is very important in properly curing marijuana plants.

Experienced marijuana growers will dry their marijuana plants for a week to fourteen days before the next stage, marijuana curing.

A well dried marijuana plant should break when snapped with fingers. At this point the marijuana plant can be sampled. A properly dried cannabis plant should break easily with a snap, not a bend. If the weed plant bends when efforts to break a marijuana bud happens, then continue to dry.

The drying process is complete when the marijuana bud snaps off the harvested pot plant.

There are several acceptable methods of drying marijuana, but the best one employs canning jars.

Cheap marijuana growers will use brown paper bags.

Either method when done properly will cure marijuana amazingly. Curing marijuana properly will greatly enhance its flavor and high. Yet, many marijuana growers skip this step after their marijuana plants are done drying.

To properly cure marijuana remove all the marijuana leaves.

Including small marijuana bud leaf.

Spending time on the trim adds to the value of the finished product. Marijuana that looks pleasing to purchase will yield more money than weed that is properly harvest, dried and cured, but trimmed poorly.

As marijuana buds are trimmed, the leaves should be gathered into one pile (for hash or space cake making) and buds including popcorn and colas placed immediately into canning jars.

The larger the glass jars the better.

When the jars are filled with marijuana bud seal them up.

Every 12 - 14 hours open the jars to release built up condensation for an hour or two. Then seal them back up again for another 12 - 14 hours of curing. The inside of the jars will become sticky with THC condensation as the marijuana buds finish the curing process.

Two weeks of daily opening and closing will bring out the full marijuana flavor and high.

Sadly few marijuana growers opt to follow through on good harvesting, drying and curing. These critical final steps however are the difference between amazing cannabis and poor weed. By demonstrating restraint and patience a marijuana grower will be rewarded with great ganja.

Marijuana harvested, dried and cured properly will continue to improve with age.

Allowing enthusiasts to create a fantastic collection of different types of cannabis.

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