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History of Kush

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Kush marijuana seeds are a very popular choice. There's an overwhelming amount of Kush seeds available. Such as OG Kush, Master Kush and Purple Kush. People are choosing these cannabis seeds because of their amazing taste, high and yield.

Combined with its amazing bag appeal, Kush has become the most expensive marijuana.
Creating a huge demand to buy kush marijuana seeds.

What is the history of Kush marijuana?

The marijuana seeds originated from the mountainous areas of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Hindu Kush valley. Kush cannabis seeds were collected and brought to America and Amsterdam during the '70s and '80s.

The OG in OG Kush stands for ocean grown. You don’t really need to be close to a large body of water to grow marijuana seeds. Some even claim OG Kush marijuana seeds are very forgiving. Congressman Mark Kirk, a Republican member of the House of Representatives from Illinois, introduced legislation to increase the penalties for selling kush.

The High-Potency Marijuana Sentencing Enhancement Act of 2009 (H.R. 2848) increases the penalties for the possession with intent to distribute, manufacture, importation and exportation to maximum fines of $1 million for an individual and $5 million for a group, with a maximum sentence of 25 years from the standard sentencing for marijuana which calls for a maximum fine of $250,000 for an individual, $1 million for a group and up to five years in prison.

Kirk said that as kush may sell for up to $600 (USD) per ounce these increases are justified, saying that "if you can make as much money selling pot as cocaine, you should face the same penalties."

Many American states, however, have medicinal marijuana laws. Giving people great access to OG Kush or Afghan Kush, which is very good for people with pain. The marijuana seeds produce fantastic hash too. Afghan Kush is resilient to molds and diseases, making it easy to grow. Excellent starter for newbie growers. And you’d certainly be motivated to grow more marijuana seeds, once you delve into the intense high that this herb induces.

Master Kush is even more potent in both hash producing and high. A favorite among enthusiasts and growers these marijuana seeds produce very resinous plants. They'll glisten with trichromes. Not a day time toke.

Unless you want to take a nap. Knocks newbie smokers silly after one or a few hits. Potency and flavor are two of the best assets that Purple Kush possesses. Ensuring growers will constantly buy purple kush marijuana seeds. Comes off strong with an intense head and body buzz. A nice fruity taste, comparable to grapes and blackberries, possibly a combination of both.

Hindu Kush Marijuana Seeds
Hindu Kush Marijuana Seeds Hindu Kush Marijuana Seeds

The original genes of this strain come from the Hindu Kush valley, a mountainous area. The marijuana seeds were brought in the 1980's and crossbred with several varieties to create this lovely Indian type.

Taste: This strain smells lovely; the leaves are big and dark green. A plant you can smoke all day. Taste is real nice and smooth... silky. It's like a sweet fruit shake when smoked via the vapouriser.

High: After smoking a joint (and a bong hit), I realized how nice and stoney this gear was. Lasting for almost 3 hours the high was more of a "body dope" with a few visuals thrown in to keep you from falling into a trance!

Type: mostly indica
Flowering period: 8 weeks
Yield: 450 gr/m²

More details: Hindu Kush Cannabis Seeds

Price: € 45.00

Master Kush x Northern Light Marijuana Seeds
Master Kush x Northern Light Marijuana Seeds Master Kush x Northern Light Marijuana Seeds

Another very nice strain. The Master Kush adds it's unique pungency to the Northern Lights #5 in this F-1 hybrid, producing a short, stocky plant packed with great tasting buds. High calyx-to-leaf ratio means the Super Kush buds are solid, loaded with trichomes and easy to manicure. Excellent hybrid vigor makes this an easy to grow marijuana seeds variety well suited to beginners and seasoned growers alike.

High: Quick pick up, to a lethargic feeling, and a fairly gentle come down. Lasted a bit shorter than some of the other big boys, but that's also good sometimes. Of the myriad "supposed" nor-lights strains, this hearty one is worth grabbing a few seeds.

Type: indica-sativa mix
Flowering period: 8 weeks
Yield: 400 gr/m²

More details: Master Kush x Northern Light Cannabis Seeds

Price: € 45.00

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