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How to Choose a Marijuana Strain

There are many deciding factors you should think about before purchasing marijuana seeds. Careful consideration should be done before investing in cannabis seeds.

Choosing a marijuana strain can be overwhelming. Especially considering the massive amount of great marijuana plants out there. In order to get the most out of your marijuana grow, you should ask yourself a few questions before ordering your first marijuana strain.

  1. Are you going to grow indoors or outdoors?
    Before you decide to go shopping for marijuana seeds, you need to know whether your growing inside or outside. Indoor marijuana growing will give you more control over the environment. Outdoor marijuana grows always depend on the weather, but don’t require expensive equipment and don’t drive your electricity bill through the roof. There are pros and cons for each. Find out what suits you best.
  2. What are your targets?
    Do you want plenty of marijuana bud? Or do you desire an amazing marijuana high above anything else? Does your marijuana grow space require a short compact growing plant (indica) or can it handle a lanky tall lower yielding marijuana type (sativa). Then, there’s of course plants that combine both varieties.
  3. After what kind of high are you?
    There are two basic marijuana types too chose from: The Indica weed high, which will knock you off your feet, gets you couch locked and keeps you there for a while. Or the trippy, head-based cerebral high you get of a Sativa.
  4. How potent do you want it?
    On first impulse, everybody would probably say: as potent as humanly possible. And right you are. But every marijuana strain has different effects, too. They range from mellow to happy to paranoid and thought provoking. Investigate before you invest money.
  5. What’s your budget?
    How much are you willing to spend on your babies? Prices vary from as little as $20 for 10 seeds to as much as $150 for 5.
  6. How important is marijuana yield to you?
    Some marijuana strains will give you the most amazing marijuana buds, but only a small amount. Others are rewarding in marijuana yield and quality, but the seeds will cost you accordingly.
  7. Will smell and odor be a problem in your grow area?
    Some cannabis strains smell a lot, some are almost not noticeable.
  8. Once you picked a marijuana strain, hit the internet and do some research.
    Look for grow journals, pictures of your chosen weed strain. Read how others experienced the marijuana plant. How much marijuana yield did they get? What medium did they use? How much light, and what nutrition did they use.
  9. Read about marijuana seed banks.
    Find out where the freebies are. Most marijuana seed banks will give you free stuff.

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