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How To Grow Cannabis In Small Spaces

Marijuana growers should consider growing weed in various spaces before ordering their cannabis seeds. Many people wrongly believe marijuana seeds require a great deal of space to grow. Not true.

Cannabis seeds can be grown in very confined spaces. Many marijuana growers start in smaller space with their weed seeds before gaining the confidence to grow in much bigger rooms. I grow in a confined space measuring 2 feet in width by 3.5 feet in height and 1 foot in depth. This restriction in height causes most cannabis plants to overgrow the space within a few weeks. Growing mini cannabis plants from marijuana seed is still possible. But staking these mini weed plants during marijuana seedling phase is required.

Firstly gather up a few household items:
A length of earthing wire
Side cutters or wire cutters
A number of self tapping screws
A Phillips screwdriver

Earthing wire has a soft rubber coating on the outside protecting the wire from exposure. The earthing wire is malleable enough to be formed into whatever shape is required. Making a perfect stake for small marijuana plants.

The earthing wire stake can then be removed and repositioned to train marijuana growth downwards by attaching tapping screws to containers.

Training continues into marijuana flowering until the males have been identified and removed.

The marijuana plants can then effectively be controlled using screen of green technique to maximize light efficiency and marijuana yield.

A marijuana plant vegging for 19 days now can be tied down to approximately 9 inches in height. With eight nodes!

Tying must be done progressively to avoid snapping the main stem off. A small break in the stem isn't a problem as the marijuana plant will recover. This method of early tying effectively reduces the vegging cannabis plant from an eight to a four inch profile.

Growing cannabis seeds in a confined space is a rewarding challenge. By learning and spending time with your marijuana seeds you will reap heavy yields. Time spent with your marijuana plants now will result in better cannabis growing skills when you opt to grow marijuana seeds in a bigger space.

This just goes to show new growers that cannabis seeds can be started in the simplest smallest of spaces. Picture that small cupboard housing your bong collection instead housing a marijuana seed grow-op.

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