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Introduction to Deep Water Culture Cannabis Growing

This method of marijuana growing may sound complicated, but for the personal use cannabis enthusiasts deep water culture (DWC) cannabis growing method is an exciting way to produce pot.

cannabis seeds will respond wonderfully to DWC by growing faster. Marijuana seeds grown using DWC will produce heavy yields.

What is Deep Water Culture growing? And how do I use it.

DWC (Deep Water Culture) units are commonly referred to as "bubblers." It is a method of growing marijuana plants hydroponically in a bucket of nutrients.

Cannabis plants are suspended over the nutrients and the roots grow down into the nutrients which are super oxygen saturated by pumping large volumes of air into the nutrient solution with an aquarium pump. Cannabis seeds grown using DWC will grow at super fast rates because of the oxygen and marijuana fertilizer enriched solution.

This is the same reason that the roots can sit in the marijuana fertilizer solution without drowning.

Large scale commercial marijuana growers do not use DWC as it is too much maintenance in a large scale grow.

For someone who only grows a few plants this method of hydroponic cultivation is an excellent way to grow cannabis seeds.

When an environment has been created to provide your marijuana seeds with the optimum conditions you will see fast, healthy growing cannabis plants. Cannabis seeds can be started directly from rock wool then placed in the DWC unit.

DWC is possibly the simplest method of hydroponic marijuana growing. Yet, this method of growing cannabis produces plenty of pot.

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