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Medical Marijuana Seeds A Growing Industry

Marijuana is California's biggest cash crop. Generating sales estimated at $14 billion annually. Thanks to Cali's increasingly liberal medical marijuana laws, more of that money than ever before is being spent legally.

Small time marijuana seeds growers can sell their medicinal marijuana for $2,000 to $4,000 to medicinal marijuana outlets. In the state of California alone, according to my calculations, medical marijuana is a $200 million market.

California's growing medical cannabis seeds industry is a career option. Fourteen states have legalized some form of medical marijuana, and new signs of acceptance turn up almost daily. The American Medical Association recently softened its stance on the drug, recommending that some federal controls on it be relaxed, and the Obama administration reversed a Bush era policy and said it would stop federally prosecuting medical marijuana patients who comply with their state laws. Now is a great time to join or start a caregiver's collective.

Plenty of ill people are looking for someone to grow medicinal marijuana from cannabis seeds for them.

Anyone can find their niche in the medicinal marijuana industry. The marijuana industry requires plenty of other things other than cannabis seeds.

As more caregiver or compassion clubs open more demand for standard equipment such as software to pay taxes and create sales invoices is needed.

Enter PlainView Systems, a four-month-old Sonoma startup that aims to bring sophisticated business management tools to the marijuana industry. PlainView's "compassionate care marketplace" is a business-to-business exchange for licensed providers of medical marijuana and their patients. Participants can band together to form marijuana seeds growing collectives. A legal marijuana requirement for those that want to sell medicinal marijuana.

The system also helps users keep their records in order, generating invoices, sales reports and tax paperwork.

Medijuana Marijuana Seeds
Medijuana Marijuana Seeds Medijuana Marijuana Seeds

It's strong, it relieves everything, pain, stress, the rush, the tension, makes you forget your troubles and worries for the time being. Let's you be free for a moment. Gives you a break when you need it. Always works unless you hit the permastone. Make breaks to ensure the freshness of the effect. It is the most potent marijuana strain of 2009, especially breeded for those in pain, sick, or in need of relieve from a serious disease. The neuro symbisis with a holy cannabis plant that will leave you as soft and relaxed as can be! Puff, puff, the editor award of 2009 for the most potent and relieving strain! TRY IT and you'll always grow it :-)

Type: mostly indica
Flowering period: 8-9 weeks
Yield: 550 gr/m²

More details: Medijuana Cannabis Seeds

Price: € 50.00

Super Nova Marijuana Seeds
Super Nova Marijuana Seeds Super Nova Marijuana Seeds

Brighter shining THC crystals than any other cannabis seeds variety. A very bright new star shining in your garden. If you use marijuana for medical purposes such as painkiller or just in order to get rid of the stress than this is the right choice.

High: Indicas are best know for those deep relaxing properties.

Type: indica
Flowering period: 8 weeks
Yield: 400 gr/m²

More details: Super Nova Cannabis Seeds

Price: € 90.00

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