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A Simple and Easy Marijuana Plant Soil Mix

New marijuana growers often get conflicting messages about soiless mixes. Choosing the proper soil for your cannabis seeds is an important decision. Almost as important as the marijuana seeds to buy.

Sometimes, a marijuana grower doesn't have all the resources for their cannabis seeds as another indoor marijuana grower.

Visit your local home and gardening store to get some Promix, vermiculite and Perlite.

Mix in the portions of 50% promix, 35% perlite and 15% vermiculite. This mix is nice and loose and will promote great and fast root growth. All though it doesn't retain water that well it is good for beginners.

This marijuana soil mix will help safeguard against over watering.

Plus if a new marijuana grower runs into problems with pH or too much marijuana fertilizer the properties of this soil make it quick and easy to remedy.

First time marijuana growers should consider keeping it simple when planting their cannabis seeds. Too many complications will create problems. By keeping it simple you're going to learn slowly how to get the best yields from your marijuana seeds.

Without crop failure.

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