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Ten Biggest Mistakes Marijuana Growers Make

Whether you're a first time marijuana grower or a seasoned pro when it comes to planting cannabis seeds there are numerous common errors that can easily be corrected. Often these errors are made when the marijuana grower gets sloppy. They stop paying attention to their marijuana seeds. Then the marijuana plant begins to have problems. These problems manifest themselves into complete cannabis crop failure.

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By focusing your marijuana seed growing efforts in these specific spots you'll most likely avoid the most common mistakes a grower make.

1. Don't Over water
Over watering kills cannabis seeds and plants. Use the pot lifting method to determine when to water your marijuana plants.

2. Don't Tell People
Why? They will only be jealous. People love to feel important and that is why they will tell other people they are growing marijuana; because others will listen to them. Keep it to yourself. Loose lips sink marijuana grow operations.

3. Poor Marijuana Seed Germinating Efforts
Please have some patience. It sometimes takes up to 10 days for a marijuana seeds to sprout.

4. Grow cannabis seeds from bag seed
Ninety percent of what the final product will be is in the marijuana seeds genetics. Unless you are prepared for possible disappointment don't use unknown cannabis seeds. Get proven results. This is why people buy cannabis seeds from marijuana seed banks.

5. Don't Over Use Marijuana Fertilizer
Do not use marijuana fertilizer every time you water your marijuana plant. Find a marijuana food recipe and follow it. Pay attention to your marijuana plant to determine best marijuana fertilizer method.

6. Don't Under Marijuana Fertilizer Your Cannabis Plant
Under marijuana fertilizing is less common but it happens. If you are one of those people that likes to give your marijuana plant just enough marijuana fertilizer consider slightly increasing for best results.

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7. Don't Start with Clones
Start with cannabis seeds. Bugs are a pain. So are other marijuana plant diseases. Many marijuana growers are able to grow marijuana indoors without pest problems for years. But as soon as they come in contact with other marijuana growers product they often find a problem. Getting pest is a huge problem, potentially wiping out years of growing potential.

8. Don't Start Too Early Inside or Outdoors
If you are starting outdoors June 1 is perfect. Indoors the light cannot penetrate more than a foot or two. So marijuana flower when the cannabis plants are a foot tall. If you wait longer because you want bigger marijuana yields, you will actually get smaller yields.

9. Don't Provide A Bad Environment.
Always provide fresh air even during the night cycle. All the air indoors should be replaced every 5-10 minutes. Humidity between 30-70% temp aim for around 75-85'. Even marijuana seedlings need a gentle fan to strengthen their stems.

10. Don't Harvest Too Early.
I know its hard. You see the buds and resin forming at a rapid rate. The buds are potent and you feel tempted to chop em down! The only problem is that another 25% of the weight will form in 2 more weeks. Wait until the marijuana plants have totally stopped growing and the white pistils are at least 50-75% brown.

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