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What are root-bound marijuana plants?

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Root-bound is a term to describe marijuana plants that have outgrown their container. Healthy roots in a marijuana plant is something to be very much desired as they are the foundation for healthy heavy yielding cannabis seeds. However when roots become wound up like a ball of hemp twine they'll begin hurting the marijuana plant.

It's important that your cannabis seeds don't become root bound marijuana plants.

How to tell if your marijuana plant is root bound.

Stunted Growth. Stretching.
Smaller and slower marijuana bud production.
Marijuana plant needs watering too often.

How To Solve Root Bound Marijuana Plant Problems

Before you start, run a transplanting trowel or a long, flexible knife (dedicated for marijuana gardening only) between the old pot and your marijuana plant root-ball. It's best if the marijuana plant is completely dry.

A dry root bound marijuana plant is easy to transplant.

For a root-bound marijuana plant with a strong, woody stem: hold the marijuana plant stem firmly and lift it up so the pot is off the ground. Tap down around the pot rim with a rubber hammer or piece of wood until the pot lets go.

Often times the container will just fall off the marijuana plant.

Often times a root bound marijuana plant will pull away from the container.

By transplanting a root bound cannabis plant when the soil is perfectly dry the transplant will be much easier.

Another way is to turn the plant and pot upside down, holding the cannabis plant so it won't crash on the ground when it comes free of the pot. Make sure there's enough clearance to the ground, or you'll smash your marijuana plant.

Once you've freed the pot plant from its old pot, inspect its roots, if the roots run in a tight circle around the outside of the root ball, you got there just in time.

It's important to loosen up these roots. Some damage will be done to them, putting your marijuana plant in shock. But it'll be fine in a few days.

Dig your fingers into the outside 1/2" of these circular roots, loosen the ends up and pull them gently outward. If the roots are very tight, cut two or three 1/2" incisions from top to bottom on the outside of the root-ball.

This process may seem cruel, but it gives the roots an opportunity to stop their circular growth habit and begin to grow outward.

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