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What Is Sea of Green Marijuana Growing Method?

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To the first time marijuana grower sea of green may appear a daunting strange method of growing. It kind of is. Often just reading the material on sea of green can be difficult to understand what is going on.

When it comes to growing marijuana seeds the sea of green is wonderful when done correctly.

But can be difficult and trying when it is not.

What exactly is sea of green marijuana growing method?

The Sea of Green is a specialized, mass-production technique for growing marijuana seeds indoors to produce the largest amount of marijuana buds in the least amount of space. With minimal amount of work.Sea of Green can be easily accomplished by most potheads, using common, standard items and equipment.

The growing of all nonessential parts of the marijuana plant is eliminated using this method. Lower and lateral branches are removed as they are unnecessary.

The only part of the marijuana plant kept is the cola for sea of green. As such it is very important to choose marijuana seeds suitable to this growing method. Some marijuana strains are unsuitable for growing in sea of green.

Choose marijuana seeds that are short, stocky with little branching. These cannabis seeds are perfect for sea of green.

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