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Round vs. Square - What Type of Pots to Use?

Square potAre cannabis growers wasting space when they grow their marijuana seeds in round pots? Do square pots cause root problems with marijuana plants? Few marijuana growers consider the type of planting containers they use in their marijuana grow room or grow tent.

The advantage of square planting containers is grow room space is not wasted. Square pots sit wonderfully beside each other. Maximizing light surface hitting the marijuana plants. Square containers allow a marijuana grower to plant more marijuana seeds than the person who is using round planting containers.

Square pots are excellent for marijuana growers who are using the Sea of Green method.

However, when growing plants from marijuana seed square pots might not be as useful. Square planting containers are hard to acquire after a certain size. Some marijuana growers argue this is because square pots produce a root system only capable of containing marijuana clones.

Though there is no evidence of this.

Round Pot Round planting containers come in much larger sizes allowing the marijuana grower to transplant their cannabis plants into larger containers easier.

It's possible some marijuana plants prefer round containers.

Though the best grow room setup would be to utilize both square and round containers. During the early phase of marijuana growth plant marijuana seeds in square containers. Allowing much more cannabis seeds to be planted.

Once the marijuana seeds have been sexed and the male marijuana plants removed, transplant the female cannabis plants into much larger round containers. Space will open up through the elimination of male cannabis plants.

Of course you could have a mothering chamber housing marijuana plants in round pots, while a flowering chamber created from cannabis clones is using square pots. As marijuana clones grow much quicker than marijuana plants started from marijuana seeds.

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