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Why Do Marijuana Growers Transplant?

New marijuana growers need to realize that it takes some work to turn their marijuana seed purchase into a heavy yielding cannabis plant. With tender loving growing care cannabis seeds will produce ample roots ultimately requiring an indoor marijuana grower to transplant their cannabis plants into bigger pots.

Plan in advance to transplant your cannabis seeds into larger containers as they become strong healthy weed plants. Roots grow outward for stability, so they naturally collect at the edges of the container and leave much of the soil in the middle of the pot unused. This will cause slowed growth because the roots may restrict each other.

Transplanting allows for a more efficient root mass. Allow the roots to collect at the edges of your 1-gallon pot before transplanting to a 3-gallon pot. Each time you transplant, you might want to bury the marijuana plant up to the first node or branch to shorten it's overall height.

It might be worth mentioning that you can bury the plant low or high in the pot you are transplanting to as well; that way all your marijuana plants will start off being the same height. When to transplant marijuana plants.

Transplanting should be done a day or so after watering because moist roots and soil (not soaking wet or bone dry) will slide out of the old pot easier. The soil will hold together better, and less root damage will occur.

How to transplant marijuana plants.

Use a trowel or gardening knife to go around the marijuana plant and the container. This should gently loosen the marijuana plant.

The secret is the timing of the transplant; you want when the roots have filled the original pot, but before the roots have wrapped around and the marijuana plant has become root bound. Plan to transplant your cannabis seeds at least once before harvesting. Transplant your marijuana plants a week or two before switching the light cycle into the marijuana flowering period. Transplanting will cause some shock for your marijuana plants. This is why it's best to transplant during the vegetative phase.

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