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Why choose cannabis seeds as a starting point of your plants ?

Let us present most important reasons our customers give us when asked why order high quality cannabis seeds over the internet? Most growers plan to put considerable amount of effort in growing, naturally they do not want to waste that effort by using seeds or clones of unknown origin. Would you like to work on your cannabis plants well being for 3 months and see only a little yield with low thc potency?! We guess not. Also when you get and plant one seed or one clone the chances it will grow luckily to the budding phase are low simply because of pests, inexperience or bad luck. But even a beginner grower starting with amount of 10 or 20 quality seeds is likely to end up with at least a few healthy females, simply by learning from his mistakes on the way and avoiding making them again. In countries where growing cannabis herb for individual needs is forbidden the only way to keep your hobby secure is to tell no one and ask no one for cannabis seeds or clones. Consider the risk of transporting a clone to your grow room. If you order your seeds from a country where it is legal and the package is stealth and safe you are very likely to receive your seeds without any trouble :-)

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